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AVIV model 202 CD spectrometer

* (2017-03-01) For CD service, please check Chirascan+ page:
http://bcf.assic.sinica.edu.tw/qCDchirascan.htm .

* (2015-07-08) AVIV CD is located in the Institute of Biomedical Sciences. Please contact Dr. Chinpan Chen's lab.


The Aviv circular dichroism spectrometer, model 202, is located in IBMS N133, managed by Dr. Yuan-Chao Lou in Dr. Chinpan Chen's laboratory. The instrument is equipped with a stopped-flow accessory, SF 305 and is capable of measuring total fluorescence signal and CD signal simultaneously as a function of wavelength, time, temperature, pH and concentration. Softwares by AVIV are installed for instrument control, data acquisition, processing and presentations under Windows system.

Please refer to Instrument Manual for details.

Important Notification:

* (2015-07-07) AVIV CD no longer provides services under BCF reservation system. Please contact BCF manager for details.

* (2015-07-07) The instrument is not available due to its unstable power supply. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* (2013-04-02) The instrument is under maintenance for stopped-flow configuration from Apr. 3rd to 15th. Please contact Dr. Lou at 2789-9162 for details.

* (2013-04-01) The acquisition board is replaced and the instrument is ready.

* (2013-03-06) The instrument is not available due to a failed acquisition board. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* Please purge the spectrometer with N2 gas for more than 20 minutes before and after lighting the lamp.

* Sample Preparation (if 1mm path):

For 1mm cuvatte:
* Sample Volume: 300 uL
* Sample concentration: 20uM
* Buffer: The buffer solution should contain only chemicals necessary to maintain protein solubility and stability, and at the lowest concentrations.

title Specification

Wavelength range
165 nm to 1200 nm
Baseline drift
Less than +/- 0.05mdeg per hour after warm-up
Temperature range
0 - 100 ℃
Stop flow dead time < 50ms
QS Quartz 0.1 ~ 10 mm

title Suggested Reading:

Kelly SM, Jess TJ, Price NC, 2005, How to study proteins by circular dichroism, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1751:119-139.

Analysis of circular dichroism data, 2004, Methods Enzymol., 383:282-317. --->CD spectra of polymers may contain information about higher ordered structures beyond the identity of the chiral centers. This aspect has been best applied to proteins, where analysis of far UV spectra allow estimates of the secondary structure content. Read this first if you are not familiar with CD data analysis.

Determining the CD Spectrum of a Protein", Currents Protocols in Protein Science, 2004, 7.6.1-7.6.24, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

title Softwares for Protein Secondary Structure Analysis

DichroWeb by Birkbeck College, Unversity of London, UK

CDPro by Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

DichroProt by Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Protéines, Lyon cedex, France