Biacore workshop: Antibody- Biacore and MicroCal systems: Application Improving Biotherapeutics Discovery and Development.
Time: Nov. 26, 27.
Place: IBC 114 & 402
Mr. Forest Lee, GE
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Biacore Webinar:

Recent Upgrade:

Please refer to the T100 2.1.0 control software release notes for details.

BCF stock:

* Amine Coupling Kit
* 7mm tubes
* Desorb solutions

Available chips for testing nonspecific binding:

* C1 chip
* CM3 chip
* CM5 chip
* SA chip
* NTA chip

Capture kits (Ask before plan your experiments!):

* His capture kit
* Human antibody capture kit
* Mouse antibody capture kit
* GST capture kit



GE Biacore T200

Biacore T100 Biacore system is a series of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instruments. The instrument contains a flow system, a temperature control unit and an optical system to measure the molecular interactions occuring on sensor chips in real-time, with/without special labeling. This technique is capable for binding kinetics (on/off rate), affinity and thermodynamic studies.

Important Notification:

* (2015-03-19) The control computer of Biacore T200 is replaced. The instrument is ready for reservation.

* (2015-03-03) The control computer of Biacore T200 is broken. Therefore, the instrument is not available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* (2014-11-03) We are running out of caps for 7mm tubes. Please bring your own.

* (2014-02-17) The simplified start up and shutdown protocol has been modified.

* (2014-02-13) Biacore T100-IPMB is restored and ready for reservation. The chip insertion module has been replaced.

* (2014-01-28) Biacore T200 is restored and ready for reservation. However, Biacore T100-IPMB is shut down for its chip-insertion module.

* (2014-01-24) The chip of Biacore T200 was jammed inside. Service is called.

* (2013-05-23) Biacore T200 is ready for reservation.

* (2013-05-15) The autosampler of Biacore T200 was broken. Replacing injection unit service is scheduled to May 23rd. The instrument is expected to back on line on May 25th.

* (2013-01-02) Biacore T100 - IPMB is ready for reservation. Instrument usage rate is about half of using Biacore T200.

* (2012-12-07) Biacore T200 is ready for reservation. The leaking IFC was replaced.

* (2010-12-01) The new design of sealing plastic cover supplied by for 96-well plates is safe to use.

* Please use sealing foils with no glue applied inside of the wells. Otherwise, the needle can get clogged and will not deliver samples correctly.

title Selected Applications

Binding specificity
Binding kinetics
Active protein concentration
Molecular Recognition
Ligand fishing
Structure-function Relationship

title Specification

No. of flow cells
Flow rate
1 - 100 μl/min
Injection volume
2 - 350 μl
Required volume
injection volume + 20 - 50 μl
Flow cell volume
0.06 μl
Sample/reagent capacity
1x96/384-well plate+33 vials
Temperature range
4-45 ℃
Refractive index range
1.33 - 1.39
Baseline noise
<0.03 RU (typical)
1E3 - 3E9/Ms for proteins
1E3 - 5E7/Ms for small molecule
1E-5 - 1 /s
Sample concentration
Minimum molecular weight

For more detail, please refer to Biacore T200 web page.

title Suggested Reading:

Biacore T100 Instrument Handbook.

Biacore T100 Software Handbook.

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