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By applying for reservation of BCF instruments or registration to attend BCF classes, you agree to follow the regulations of this BCF Training Course Policy and User's Guideline of the instrument. Failing to comply with rules will result in limited or denied accessibility. Serious violations will be sent to the User Committee to determine if all future applications will be denied.

A BCF training course includes a lecture section and a hands-on section. The lecture gives an overall introduction of the instrument, as well as theory, application, experimental design and the operation software. The hands-on section coaches users to properly operate the instrument, from start-up, sample loading to shut-down and basic instrument maintenance. Attending only the lecture sections is free. BCF welcomes everyone to learn more about our instruments and hopes old users come back and refresh their memories. Although it is free, registration is required for lecture sections.

Training courses are scheduled approximately every 3 to 4 months for each instrument. Course schedule is updated periodically. Please refer to the Google calendar above for course schedules! Registration is required prior to course attendance. Registration deadline is 3 days prior to course date and there will be NO on-site registration. For example, if a training course is scheduled on January 15th, BCF must receive your registration form with PI approval through reservation system before 10:00AM, January 12th. BCF cannot process your registration without your advisor's approval through BCF reservation system. Please do not show up to the class if you do not receive a "registration confirmed" message. For security and identification reasons, please bring a photo ID with you to the class.

Please note that there are charges associated with every training course, operator certification and instrument usage. The charges are listed here! For Sinica special prices, Sinica users need to use an e-mail address with "sinica" domain to register for training courses. Public email domains such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail should be avoid at all times. If one registered for a course and does not show up or left early, his/her PI will be informed and the entire course fee will be forfeited. In addition, no entrance will be allowed more than 10 minutes after class starts so being late is regarded as being absent. Cancellation should be made 3 working days prior to the course by sending e-mail to Dr. Chris Jao. After completing the course, follow the link in the notification e-mail to confirm. Please note that the case will be forced to close automatically after one week.

One should take operation certification test within 3 months after participating BCF training courses. Otherwise, BCF will not process the application for operator certification.

To save instrument resources, we suggest users to participate whenever there are training courses. However, Sinica users may request an extra training course if the training course is not available within one month (before or after) of the time requested. The cost is NT$6,000 for Biacore T200 and NT$3,000 for other instruments.

BCF training course policy may be revised periodically without further notice. This policy is effective since March, 2007. The last modified date was November 4, 2019.

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