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While connecting to the instrument, if the iTC200 control software fails to find wash station, please wait for 3 minutes and click "Continue".




MicroCal iTC200

iTC 200

iTC 200 is an isothermal titration calorimeter. Isothermal titration Calorimetry is the standard for studying biomolecular interaction, which directly measures the releasing and absorbing of heat during a biomolecular event. The binding affinity (Ka), enthalpy change (ΔH) and binding stoichiometry (n) could be determined in a single experiment.

For more detail, please refer to MicroCal iTC200 brochure.

Important Notification:

* (2022-06-08) PEAQ-ITC Automatic system is down because of an unknow problem. Service is called. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* (2021-07-09) The washing module has been restored from a major demage. It takes two times now to fill the syringe. Please contact BCF staff if you'd like to fill syringe manually.

* (2020-08-10) Due to the increase of the injector syringe cost, we adjust the charge to NT$11,180 for your 1st broken syringe, and NT$44,723 for the 2nd.

* (2019-09-16) iTC200-BCF is down because of PC connection problems. Service is called. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* (2019-03-01) PEAQ-ITC is available for service through BCF reservation system. Please review sample submission guideline before submit your samples.

* (2018-01-01) Free PEAQ-ITC sample tests available for Sinica users only till 2018-02-28.

* (2016-12-13) Please be aware that 4F IBC is in under remodeling. The construction may occasionally cause noise and spikes in the ITC thermograms.

* (2016-11-21) iTC200-BCF is ready for reservation.

* (2016-11-18) iTC200-BCF is down because of noise. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* (2016-05-30) iTC200-BCF is down because of contamination. Injector syringe is covered by yellow residue. The sample cell might be dirty. Extensive wash is needed.

* (2015-09-08) iTC200-BCF is restored, ready for reservation.

* (2015-08-28) iTC200-BCF is down because of connection problems to the control PC. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* (2014-11-06) iTC200-ABRC is down because the baseline is not stable and it took a very long time to reach equilibrium. Because there is no distributor for service at this moment, I don't expect we will restore the instrument soon. Please use iTC200-BCF.

* (2014-10-20) iTC200-Chem is down because the control PC has a power problem. Do not turn on the computer.

* (2014-10-6) The Chemistry building is under renovation till the end of this year. Please be aware of possible baseline noises when running iTC200-Chem.

* (2014-1-6) For global fitting of titration results using the new Origin software, please contact Chris Jao.

* (2013-12-2) iTC200-BCF is ready for reservation.

* (2013-11-29) The injector pipette of iTC200-BCF is wobbling because of a loosen screw. Service is called.

* (2013-08-23) iTC200-BCF is ready for reservation. However, please watch out for waste vial overflow.

* (2013-08-20) iTC200-BCF is not available because of washing module malfunction. If you would manually clean cells and injector syringe, please contact Dr. Jao for reservation. Otherwise, you may reserve iTC200-ABRC or iTC200-CHEM. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* (2012-12-07) iTC200-BCF is ready for reservation.

* (2012-12-04) iTC200-BCF is not available because of possible power supply problems of its control PC. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* (2012-12-01) iTC200-ABRC is ready for reservation.

* (2012-11-29) iTC200-ABRC is not available because of malfunction of washing module.

* (2012-07-10) iTC200-BCF is ready for reservation. Please be careful when using "Syringe wash" or "Dry syringe" routines.

* (2012-07-03) The washing module of iTC200-BCF is broken. Service has been called. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* (2012-06-19) iTC200-ABRC is ready for reservation. Please pay attention to possible interference from other instruments, such as Epoch spectrumeter.

* (2012-03-20) iTC200-Chem is ready for reservation. The injector syringe was replaced because of a loosen seal.

* (2011-08-12) iTC200-ABRC is back. Two trojans were removed. Please use sharedisk to transfer files. Do NOT use USB drives.

* (2010-11-16) If your sample is too sticky and cannot be filled to the top by "Syringe Fill", you may perform "Syringe Fill" twice as the video shown above.

* (2010-04-16) Be nice to our Hamilton syringe. Plastic needle protection will be pulled out if gripped by Kimwipes.

* (2009-10-12) Do NOT use cell phones during experiments. Radio waves from some cell phones may cause spikes and distort titration curves.

* (2009-10-05) When using "Cell Water Rinse (Long)" to wash the sample cell, please make sure that syringe adaptor is connected to the syringe or the block port on the top of the washing module to prevent leakage.

* Use Syringe Wash (Long) for washing. Dry Syringe may only be used for drying, NOT for washing! Please check the waste vial constantly during wash step.

* Do not shake, bang or knock the bench durining experiments.

* Do not plug or withdraw USB in the middle of a run; this causes system error and the experiment will be aborted by the control program.

* Do not analyze the data file that is not finished. Instead, copy the data file and analyze the copied data.

* The process for cleaning the injector syringe is modified, please ask Dr. Jao for the correct procedure.

* Use only 200uL PCR tubes provided by BCF (Rainin Cat#3-TC02-N). Some PCR tubes (ABgene cat.# AB-0337) do not fit the holder and the injector syringe may hit the bottom of the tubes.

title Selected Applications

(Bio)molecular interactions
Dissociations (Dimer)
Interactions with vesicles/micelles
Enzyme kinetics

title Related Softwares


title Specification

Cell volume
200 μl
Min. Sample requirement
5 - 10 μg of protein
direct measure range (milli - nano)
102 to 109 M-1
competetive measure range (nano - pico)
109 to 1012 M-1

title Suggested Reading:

iTC200 Microcalorimeter User's Manual.

ITC Data Analysis in Origin Tutorial Guide.

Freyer MW and Lewis EA, 2008, Isothermal titration calorimetry: experimental design, data analysis, and probing macromolecule/ligand binding and kinetic interactions, Methods in Cell Biology, 84, 79-113.

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