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2021 Biologics Development – Research to Production 在符合GxP要求之下,如何利用Octet分析平台
Time: Nov. 9 (on-line)
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2017 BLI Octet RED96 Antibody Workshop:
Time: Nov. 8 (Wed.)
Place: IBC 409
Mr. Hendrick Loei, Pall
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* SA sensor
* SSA sensor
* AR2G sensor
* NTA sensor
* HIS 1K sensor


title Introduction

Octet RedThe Octet Red96 system is a biolayer interferometry biosensor for measuring protein concentration, the kinetics and affinity of intermolecular interactions. With the 96-welled microplate design, it is applicable for screening of protein-protein and protein-small molecules interaction.

For more detail, please visit Ocetet Red96 website.

Important Notification:

* (2022-04-15) Please consult BCF staff first if you intend to use different microplates (not Greiner 655209).

* (2022-03-28) The Octet RED96 is restored and available for reservation. M108 Training Course is scheduled to April 19th (Tue.), please register through BCF reservation system.

* (2021-11-17) If "critical error in motion control" occurs and the data is not saved properly, try checking "Ignore errors in files when loading" in the analysis software when processing.

* (2021-09-22) From time to time, an error message of “critical error of motion control” occurs. Although service is called, the cause of this error cannot be identified. However, it seems to happen at the first experiment. To get around it, please perform a dummy experiment with the method named “DummyEXP.fmf” before any serious experiments! The method file is in the Data folder.

* (2021-09-13) The heater plate of Octet RED96 is replaced, therefore the temperature control function is back to normal.

* (2021-08-03) The control PC of Octet RED96 is replaced.

* (2021-05-26) Octet RED96 sometimes showed message of "critical error of motion control" in the middle of an experiment especially when ejecting sensors. Service has been called. Please pay attention to the pop-up message when reserve this instrument! Sorry for the inconvenience.

* (2017-06-21) The Data Acqusition and Data Analysis softwares are both upgraded to version 10.0. Users can still access version 7.0 on the desktop.

title Specification

Sample volume
180 - 220 μl
Orbital Flow Capacity
100 - 1500 rpm
8 biosensors in parallel
Sample/reagent capacity
1x96-well plate
Temperature range
(Ambient + 4℃)–40 ℃
Baseline noise
<=3 pm
1E1 - 1E7/Ms for proteins
1E3 - 1E6/Ms for small molecules
1E-6 - 0.1 s for proteins
1E-3 - 1 s for small molecules
Range for hIgG
0.5~2000 µg/mL @200rpm
0.05~100 µg/mL @1000rpm
Minimum molecular weight for kinetics

For more detail, please refer to Octet System Data Acquisition Software User Guide.

title Suggested Reading:

Octet System Data Acquisition Software User Guide

Octet Data Analysis Software 7.0 User Guide

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