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Anton Paar Lovis 2000ME & DMA 5000M

Lovis 2000ME measures the viscosity of a liquid by observing the rolling time of a ball in a capillary filled with sample liquid. Combined with density measurements using DMA 5000M, the result can be expressed as dynamic viscosity (mPa.s) and kinematic viscosity (mm2/s).

For more detail, please refer to Anton Paar products Lovis 2000ME and DMA 5000M.

title Specification

Lovis 2000ME

Capillary volume
150uL and 400 μl
Min. Sample requirement
200uL Manual fill
4.5mL Auto fill*
Time measureing accuracy
< 0.002 s
< 0.5 %
Temperature range
10 to 100 ℃
Viscosity range
0.3 to 2500 mPa.s

DMA 5000M

Cell volume
800 μl
Min. Sample requirement
1mL Manual fill
4.5mL Auto fill*
5 x 10-6 g/cm3
Temperature range
0 to 90 ℃
Density range
0 to 3 g/cm3

* Volume required to measure both density and viscosity.

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