Zetasizer with MPT-2


Recent Upgrade:

2010-10-27: Zetasizer software was upgraded to v. 6.20.



Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS

zetanano Malvern Zetasizer combined 3 major techniques:
1. Dynamic Light Scattering for Particle Size measurement
2. Static Light Scattering for Mw measurement
3. Zeta-potential measurement

MPT-2 Equipped with MPT-2 autotitrator and temperature control system, the Zetasizer Nano is capable for pH titration, sample dilution and injection, temperature trend measurements and melting point studies.

For more detail, please visit Malvern website.


Important Notification:

* (2022-08-10) Zetasizer is out of order. Sorry for inconvenience.

* (2010-04-02) Cuvettes should be rinsed and sonicated in your buffers and/or ddH2O before applying samples for measurements.

* (2009-09-02) Please avoid dusts or contaminate when preparing your sample. Do not transfer samples from container to container, which introduces dusts and bubbles.

ill title Specification

Laser wavelength 633nm
Particle size range 0.6nm - 6μm
size range for zeta potential 5nm - 10μm
size range for Mw 1000 - 2x10^7 Da
sample volume 100 μl
Temperature range 2-90 ℃

title Recommended Sample concentration

Particle size Min. concentration Max. concentration
< 10 nm 0.5g/l ---------------
10nm - 100nm 0.1g/l 5% mass
100nm - 1μm 0.01g/l 1% mass
> 1μm 0.1g/l (0.01% mass) 1% mass